Hazardous substances such as sewage, hydrocarbons (gas & oil), heavy metals, asbestos and/or chemical contaminate soil typically require excavation and transport to an approved treatment facility. Hydrocarbon soils in some cases can be improved with remediation on site.

Soil is usually contaminated by industrial activities, agricultural chemicals and waste disposal. Contaminants can include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals, asbestos and oily water. To ensure soil stabilization, we first assess the site and then plan a remediation method. It may involve treatment in situ or excavation and removal of contaminated soil for off-site treatments. Soil treatment is carried out in such a way that the indigenous materials in soil are retained.

Our soil stabilization techniques enhance the physical properties of contaminated soil, making it suitable for pavements, landfills and foundations. We deliver the following solutions:

-          Earthzyme® incorporation increases the load bearing capacity of the soil and reduces the susceptibility of moisture penetration.

-          Dust Stop® surface treatment supresses any surface and roadway dust on projects sites and roadways.

-          Installation of geotextiles & geogrid to improve the stability of soils.

-          Installation of geo membrane and silt fence to reduce and/or prevent major erosion issues.

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