A dirt road.

The Benefits of Using EarthZyme as a Surface Treatment

If you're someone who builds or maintains the roads that we all drive on, you've probably heard the word EarthZyme mentioned around the office. You might also have heard that it’s a potential surface solution for unstable dusty roads that require constant regular maintenance. It is an environmentally friendly product that is an economical interim solution until budgets allow for a more permanent roadway structure So, what exactly is EarthZyme, and why is everyone talking about it? Let's put some of the benefits to the test and see if this multi-enzyme product is everything people are saying it has.


What Is EarthZyme?

EarthZyme is a soil stabilization product that is not only environmentally friendly but also non-toxic to roadside vegetation. The unique formula increases compaction of clay-based soil resulting in a substantial decrease in road maintenance costs.

The product is concocted with a combination of enzymes, electrolytes, and surfactants. By releasing water from the soil and enables it to compact down to a denser form. This assists in binding it together permanently and reduces the need for aggregates and gravel.


How Is EarthZyme Applied?

After analysis of in situ soil samples (150 mm to 200 mm depth) confirms suitability of the soils and the proper dosage of Earthzyme for the surface treatment; the project construction can commence. The proper mixing/ grinding/ grading/ compaction equipment (reclaimer, grader w/ripper, steel roller, rubber roller, vibratory padfoot, water truck, etc.) must be chosen and mobilized to site. Once the in-situ soil is scarified and pre- mixed with some moisture added; the Earthzyme at the proper dosage can be sprayed evenly and consistently on the pre- milled material. The material with Earthzyme sprayed on is then thoroughly mixed to give a consistent homogenous product. Compaction, blading and grading to proper design requirements can then begin.


What Are the Benefits of Using EarthZyme?


Several roads are getting treated with EarthZyme. Some of the benefits that have already been realized include:

  • Reduced dust during road construction    
  • Reduced risk of occupational diseases and safety hazards due to a decrease in dust 
  • Increased durable road surfaces during and after wet weather
  • Does not require any additional equipment to apply
  • Improvement in surficial roughness
  • Positive results from several third-party labs
  • Biodegradable in 28 days without losing stabilization
  • One application can last for several years

Other benefits are being realized as more roads get treated with EarthZyme. However, one of the most attractive features has been the financial savings.


How Does EarthZyme Save Your Business Money?

As EarthZyme is made with natural ingredients, there are many environmental benefits that come from using the product. But it's also saving many companies a lot of money. Some of the savings include:

  • Significantly cheaper than using materials such as aggregate or gravel
  • Long-term maintenance reductions
  • Vehicles using less fuel, due to reduced deflection of the surface
  • Increased life of roads, reducing the need for further construction

Companies have also noticed a saving in shipping costs. EarthZyme is an extremely concentrated solution that makes it easier to transport and dilute on the construction site.


Where Can You Learn More About EarthZyme?

We are proud to be offering this cutting-edge, environmentally friendly product to our customers. The W.F. Botkin Construction website has all the information you need on how EarthZyme can benefit your project and start saving you money immediately.