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Concrete is a great choice for just about any driveway or garage floor. Concrete is a durable, low maintenance building material used extensively by Regina construction companies. Driveways and garage floors made of concrete, however, do still require some routine care based on factors such as weather conditions and amount and type of vehicle traffic.

Here are six tips from the trusted Regina concrete contractors at W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. on how to keep your concrete driveway in great shape:

Regularly power-wash your driveway and garage floor.

Because of its smooth and flat surface, concrete is very easy to clean. All it takes is a good power wash and any debris which has settled on your driveway's surface should rinse right off. Not only is cleaning your concrete on a regular basis important for aesthetic considerations, but removing dirt, leaves, and other accumulated debris from your driveway can keep it in better shape , reduce potential staining and extend its longevity.

Clean spills immediately.

Construction companies in Regina always caution that gasoline, oil, and grease spills should be cleaned off a concrete driveway and garage floor as soon as possible. If allowed to sit for a long time, these sorts of spills can leave an unsightly and permanent stain. They can be scrubbed away with a little bit of soap and elbow grease, and by using absorbent materials such as sawdust or kitty litter.

Avoid rock salts and de-icing chemicals.

One of the main dangers to Regina concrete driveways and garage floors are rock salts and chemical de-icing products. Rock salts can cause damage to your driveway's surrounding vegetation, and chemical de-icers can actually break down the chemical bonds holding the concrete together. If you need to increase traction, consider using sand instead.

Repair small cracks.

Small cracks can form in concrete driveways and garage floors due to subsurface movements and the freezing and thawing cycles of the seasons. Make it a habit to check your concrete for cracks and to repair them with a concrete patching product. If left unrepaired, small cracks can easily turn into much bigger holes which will allow water penetration and eventually compromise the integrity of your entire driveway or garage floor.
Reseal your driveway and garage floor frequently. – The porous surface of a concrete driveway or garage floor needs to be sealed in order to prevent water from seeping through and causing damage. Though durable, concrete sealers do eventually begin to wear down and need to be reapplied. Concrete driveways and garage floors need to be resealed anywhere between every one to two years, depending on when the surface sealer begins to show signs of wear.

Work with trusted Regina concrete construction companies.

The only way to ensure that all of your efforts are worthwhile is to work with trusted Regina construction companies and concrete suppliers. If your concrete needs the care and attention of professional contractors and high quality supplies, then W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. can help you.

With over 60 years of residential, commercial, and civil construction experience in Saskatchewan, you can trust our expertise. Get in touch with W.F. Botkin Construction Ltd. today to find out more.

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