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How to Know When to Repave a Surface

How do you know when to repave a surface?

Maybe you've been looking at your pavement and just thinking "Man, that doesn't look good." Or it's just been a good while since something has been repaved.

Either way, you've asked yourself about when the paving contractors Regina offers can help or if you should save yourself the money.

We understand completely. You want your paved surface to look good, but you also don't want to waste funds on something that doesn't need fixing.

To help you, we've written a guide about when a surface needs to be repaved. 

Keep reading below to learn more!


Problems With Drainage

Have you noticed your pavement isn't draining as well as it used to?

If so, you might want to consider contacting a Saskatchewan paving company. Once water fails to properly drain, it can seep into your pavement and break it up, causing cracks.

Get ahead of a cracked paved area by calling for paving services!



Have you noticed any dips or other weak spots in your pavement?

Even the substances paving services use are strong and made to withstand the elements, everything breaks down over time. Stagnant water and constant wear can chip away at your asphalt. 

If you notice dips, it's time to see what kind of paving contractors Regina has!



The most noticeable sign of pavement in need of repair is cracking.

Cracking allows more water to enter your asphalt, which can lead to more problems. Even small cracks can cause big issues, so it's crucial you pay attention to them. 

Cracking can also be unsightly and unprofessional-looking if you're running a business. 




Are there large, gaping holes in the middle of your parking lot or driveway?

If so, you need to act immediately. Potholes are one of the more serious asphalt defects.

If left untreated, they grow bigger and more awful-looking. In addition, people who run over them with their cars might suffer vehicular damage.

Should the person be driving a motorcycle and not notice the pothole, it could send them flying and cause a potentially deadly situation.

This could also prompt issues for you, as it could bring about an injury lawsuit.


Faded Surface


Is there a section of your pavement that has begun to fade?

Fading asphalt means it has been exposed to UV rays, water, or damaging chemicals. To prevent this, it's important that you get sealant applied to your pavement every once in a while.

Yet, if you notice the fading becoming significant, you might just want to get it repaved completely.


The Paving Contractors Regina Has to Offer

Have you determined whether or not your pavement needs to be redone?

To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to tell when you need to repave your asphalt. Yet, with a few simple tips, you can learn the difference between good pavement and pavement in need of repair.

So, are you wondering about what kind of paving contractors Regina has?

At WF Botkin, we provide top-of-the-line pavement services. Contact us today for more information!

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