Highway Construction 101

Highways are vital to the economy and overall development of cities and towns. This being said, constructing a new highway requires a high degree of expertise, so here are some key facts you should be aware of when surfacing roads. Here’s what you should know.

Planning & Community Involvement 

When planning, design and construction of the infrastructure. Involving the urban, rural and Indigenous communities and travelling public is critical no matter what the project is. This will ensure all the needs of stakeholders for design, construction and end result is met and match into existing road/highway networks both currently and into the future.

Consider All Deferent Design Material Options

Depending on material costs, traffic volumes, local climate, usage conditions and project soil characteristics; varying types of pavement structures and design materials may be considered to be utilized. These also could include performance graded asphalts; polymer modified asphalts, foamed asphalts, Portland cement concrete and newly developed stabilizing agents. Each of these has their own characteristic properties and cost factors.

Safety Considerations

Since all different types of road/ highway surfacing products have different skid resistant properties in both wet and dry conditions. The climate and exposure are big factors in choosing design products. Some types may require additional surface treatments, etching or roughened surface to improve things like skid resistance.

Roads & Highways Make Life Easier
Having smooth roads and highways and technological advancements including GPS systems, weather monitoring, traffic classifiers and weigh on the go systems has greatly improved traffic management throughout Saskatchewan and Canada.
Much of highway construction and road maintenance depends on factors specific to the region. This is why hiring an experienced local construction company is so important. With over 60 years of experience with projects ranging from industrial paving to highway construction, Regina’s WF Botkin Construction Ltd. is one of Saskatchewan’s best heavy contractors. Call us today to discuss your project.

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